Wind and solar energy play an increasingly important role in diversifying our nation’s energy portfolio and provide benefits for our climate and economy. The cost of renewable energy technology has steadily declined and is projected to decline even further as markets mature and companies increasingly take advantage of the long-term projected growth. As a leader in the renewable energy market, Gemini is well positioned to provide technical consulting and advisory services in support of the continued growth of these markets.

Gemini provides solutions through integrated engineering, construction management, operations and maintenance and program management services across all phases of renewable energy assets. Our geographic distribution and depth of resources enable us to rapidly respond, providing a support network that understands the local environment and regulatory climate.

Engineering Services

Wind, Solar, Battery Storage, and Grid Interconnection

  1. Owners Engineer/Independent Engineer
  2. Construction oversight
  3. Site design and technology review
  4. Conceptual design
  5. Interconnect planning, analyses, and design
  6. Transportation studies, planning, and permitting
  7. Electrical/mechanical/civil/structural detailed design
  8. Balance of plant detailed design and design review
  9. Geotechnical, geophysical, and thermal resistivity investigations
  10. Drainage, erosion, and sediment control design
  11. Operations and maintenance contract analysis
  12. Operational reliability assessment
  13. Renewable generation performance reporting
  14. Operational and performance improvement support
  15. Power curve testing
  16. Mechanical loads testing
  17. Customized validation testing services
  18. Root cause analysis investigations
  19. Major corrective development and execution
  20. Value engineering
  21. Engineering support—environmental assessment and permitting
  22. Program management
  23. Commissioning/re-powering support
  24. Operations and maintenance services
  25. Engineering and project management support for correctives, upgrades and warranty inspections

Renewable energy experience highlights

Cook Inlet Region, Inc. Fire Island Wind Project

Tetra Tech provided design engineering, procurement, and construction services for this project on Fire Island, which is located three miles off the coast of Anchorage, Alaska. Tetra Tech was the prime contractor, erecting the wind turbines and associated facilities, including the underground collection system, collector switch yard, operations and maintenance building, meteorological tower, access roads, foundations, and crane pads.

Santa Rita East Wind Energy Project

Tetra Tech prepared the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for Production Tax Credit construction on the 300 MW, 120-turbine project. Tetra Tech worked with the client in coordinating temporary and permanent vegetative stabilization requirements with Soil and Water Conservation District representative and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension for site-specific conditions; prepared the SWPPP, including all best management practices in accordance with Texas-specific controls, conditions, and practices.

Peyton Creek Wind Farm Project

The Peyton Creek Wind Farm Project is a 48-turbine, 150 MW wind project. Tetra Tech’s scope is to prepare the civil design for the roadway layout, including design drawings that address erosion and sediment controls, as well as storm water and pollution prevention practices for the site. Additionally, Tetra Tech developed a drainage impact study for the project that detailed the installed design elements, including environmental conditions, permits, roadway elements, right-of-way considerations, geotechnical considerations, and hydrologic and hydraulic criteria.

Hoods Mill Sanitary Landfill Solar Facility

Tetra Tech assisted SunEdison in the solar array facility design on the existing Hoods Mill Sanitary Landfill. The approximately 2.3 MW system consisted of almost 9,500 modules. Tetra Tech’s design incorporated small-scale stormwater management practices, nonstructural techniques, and optimized site planning to mimic natural hydrologic runoff characteristics and minimize the impact on water resources.

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