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Safety & Training
Gemini has established an occupational health and safety program to reduce the number of injuries and illnesses to an absolute minimum; our goal is zero accidents and injuries.

Safety is not just a philosophy at Gemini Energy Services; it’s our defining characteristic. Whether Gemini technicians are driving to the project site or climbing into the hub, we strive for zero injuries. Our technicians bring a strong focus on safety from the military, and this emphasis continues throughout their Gemini careers. Our proactive safety initiatives, which incorporate safety indoctrination, tailgate safety meetings, ongoing Personal Qualification Standards (PQS), HSE Incentive program and completion of thorough Job Site Assessments, have resulted in an unblemished safety record. We are confident that our clients share our commitment to safety and a zero-injury workplace.

Gemini maintains an aggressive safety program and has an excellent safety record as proof of its effectiveness. We support and implement a zero tolerance for unsafe practices and a zero accident and injury policy on all projects. On site, our supervisors and lead technicians develop specific plans to mitigate injuries with regard to specific site hazards. Our crews conduct daily tailgate safety meetings and take time for “stretch and bend” warm up sessions to ensure all personnel are prepared for a day uptower.
Gemini was awarded a Workforce Development grant from the U.S. Department of Energy specifically to design a training curriculum for the wind industry. The program has created an intensive multi-phase training curriculum, combining OSHA, industry-specific, and safety segments, as well as on-the-job, continuous practical work experience/training. This training is conducted in-house, utilizing internal trainers. Throughout the training program, technicians receive turbine operations and maintenance training, component-level circuitry and schematic training, self- and assisted-tower rescue and competent climber certifications, CPR/First Aid certification, and OSHA-10 certifications.

Professional training (which encompasses formal classroom lectures) is also supplemented by continuous on-the-job training (OJT). Gemini has formalized OJT utilizing the Personal Qualification Standard (PQS) program, based on the US Navy program.
Training Topics
Introduction to the Wind Industry OSHA Safety Wind Park Specific Safety
First Aid and CPR Fall Protection/ Climbing Self and Assisted Tower Rescue
Electrical Metering Voltage Test Procedures Direct Current Theory
Alternating Current Theory Electric Static Discharge (ESD) Hydraulics
Soldering Wind Turbine Mechanical Systems Wind Turbine Electrical Systems
Compressed Gas Safety & Accumulator Recharge Procedures Fiber Optics Torquing, Fasteners, and Torque Equipment
PLCs and Control Algorithms Substations and Transformers Turbine Maintenance and Service Practices
Wind Turbine Schematics Troubleshooting Service Reporting
Rotor Construction/Airfoils Blade Pitch and Balancing SCADA and Data Analysis
Meteorology Wind Turbine Power Curves  
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